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My name is Lovre Štavun, but you can call me Lawrence . I was born in 1986. in the historical city of Zadar. My family name reaches far back in the past and as a Zadar native, I take great pride in my hometown and its rich history.

In 2015. I have finished the rigorous course in 6 months for the tour guide licence at University of Zadar and have gained quite an extensive knowledge of the Zadar city and the surrounding region, if not the country as a whole.

I have studied English language ever since I was a child, Japanese language since I was 11 years old, and I took up my native language as my university major. I consider myself to be an altruist, inspired by languages and culture, a trait which helps me greatly in tourism, I have also worked as a tourist animator and an assistant in a tour-operator agency in the capital city of Zagreb. Most recently, I have worked as a coordinator and a through guide for the Tuna, Wine and Sushi festival 2016., now organized annually in the city of Zadar. I am also a "Travel agency manager" licentiate.

My services include visiting museums and various cultural locations in Zadar and Zadar County, strolling around the city and visiting various attractions. Whichever best suits your needs, I am able to provide it, given that you contact me beforehand to arrange the details. Half-day tours, full-day tours, translation and guiding in Croatian, English and Japanese language.

I consider myself to be an open-minded and bright individual. Flexible and approachable, I aim to make your vacation not only interesting, but also fun! 

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Lovre Štavun
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